Antrim Hospital - Emergency Department and 24 bed ward

CPD Health Projects recently led the delivery of an extension to Antrim Area Hospital on behalf of the Northern Health & Social Care Trust.

Project background

one of the reception areas at Antrim Area Hospital

Antrim Area Hospital serves a population of 250,000 citizens living in the Northern Health & Social Care Trust area.

This project was for the construction of an extension to the existing hospital to provide:

  • an emergency department with 24 examination rooms, five resuscitation bays and provision for CT scans, X-ray and ultrasound;
  • a Clinical Decisions Unit with ten beds and eight recliners; and
  • a 24-bed ward in single room accommodation, with the provision of renal dialysis and a mechanically ventilated isolation room. 

The new build project led by CPD Health Projects cost £12m and provided floor space of 5,613 square metres for the hospital. 

Design features

More than 90,000 people attend the Antrim Area Hospital Emergency Department each year. The facility has been designed to provide an environmentally sensitive and sustainable solution and meet strict energy targets agreed by the Northern Health and Social Care Trust. 

Image of patient bed at Antrim Area Hospital

The contractor was required to develop a social and economic regeneration plan, to maximise the benefits of the investment - providing opportunities for employment, training and partnerships with the local community. 

All the patient rooms have been designed with safety in mind - allowing for good staff observation whilst preserving patient privacy. Windows have low sills to maximise external views. 

The single rooms have been designed with an identical layout to reduce the risk of clinical error.

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