Buildsafe-NI Action Plan (2011)

Background and information about the Buildsafe-NI Action Plan (2011) is provided as follows:

Background to the Action Plan

The Buildsafe-NI initiative was originally developed in 2003 through the Construction Industry Forum for Northern Ireland (CIFNI). The initiative uses the procurement process to promote the importance of improving health and safety performance.

The public and private sectors, working in partnership through CIFNI, remain committed to improving health and safety in the construction industry.

In 2011 an Action Plan was developed to build on the progress already achieved through the initiative. 

Purpose of the Action Plan

The Buildsafe-NI Action Plan 2011 is designed to enhance performance in the following areas:

  • evaluation of supply chain health and safety capability
  • certification of health and safety management systems
  • training
  • monitoring and reporting

The 2011 Action Plan supersedes all previous Government Construction Client Buildsafe-NI Action Plans.

Content of the Action Plan

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