Buildsafe-NI templates and notifications to contractors

In this section links to the Buildsafe-NI templates and notifications are provided, for ease of access to the documents.

Contractor's Health and Safety Report template

The current template for the Buildsafe-NI Contractors Health and Safety Report was updated in 2014. 

The report should be completed by the principal contractor for monthly progress meetings.

Questionnaire for assessing organisations providing third party health and safety management system certification

When a contractor is submitting a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) for construction works contracts over the EU threshold (£4.3m) and their third party health and safety certification provider is not one of those listed by CPD, the contractor must forward this questionnaire to the third party certification provider for completion. 

The third party certification provider shall return the completed questionnaire to the contractor who shall submit it as part of the PQQ.

Failure to return the completed questionnaire with the PQQ submission will result in the submission being rejected.

View a notification of changes to the assessment of health and safety competence for construction services contracts (value below the EU thresholds)

In 2014 a notification was issued to construction enterprises wishing to participate in government construction contracts, to explain Buildsafe-NI requirements. 

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