The Charity for Civil Servants – here to help

Over the last few weeks, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced changes on everyone, to how they live and to how they work. This has been especially true in the NICS and colleagues have risen to this challenge in many different ways, but it often hasn’t been easy. In these difficult times, we will all need support in some way and with this in mind the Charity for Civil Servants is keen to highlight that its important work is continuing.

The Charity supports civil servants, past and present, when times are tough, offering practical, financial and emotional support. Alongside requests for practical advice, the Charity has recently seen an increase in people simply wanting to talk, suggesting an understandable level of anxiety. In response, the Charity has a programme of wellbeing resources, focussing on issues such as anxiety, depression, stress and relationships, which complement the existing range of support available. The Charity stresses that when approached for help or advice they will always look at the whole picture for each individual and tailor the advice and support.

If you want to receive information from the Charity on a more regular basis, you can do so by signing up for its newsletter. If you do, you will receive bite-sized email content that will help develop positive wellbeing practices during these difficult times, as well as reminders and updates on the support available.

You can also visit or call 0800 056 2424 for information, advice, and support.

For more information on this and other support available, visit the Wellbeing section on the COVID-19 staff information hub.

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