Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak the majority of Civil Service Pensions staff are working remotely. This means that normal service may be impacted and temporary forms have been developed for use during this period.

How CSP will prioritise incoming work

Therefore, it has been necessary to prioritise all incoming work which may result in your query not being dealt with as quickly as normal.  Priority is being given to payment of monthly pensions, bereavements and imminent retirements.

If you need to speak to someone regarding a priority matter as above then please ring 028 7131 9000. You will need to answer security questions and provide evidence of identification so therefore we recommend you have relevant documentation at hand when you make the call.

New Contigency Forms and Guidance on Completion

Forms relating to bereavements and imminent retirement during the period of closure have been developed and are available here:

If your query is about any other Civil Service pension related issue please email: cspensions@finance-ni.gov.uk

If your query is about the CSP(NI) website please email: cspniwebsitecomments@finance-ni.gov.uk

If your query is about scheme literature please email: CSPCommunications@finance-ni.gov.uk

If your query is about civil service pensions policy please email: PensionsPolicyCSP@finance-ni.gov.uk

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