This page contains COVID-19 Health & Safety information and guidance including FAQs and contacts for each department.

Health & Safety FAQs (frequently asked questions)

The page below contains Health and Safety (H&SO FAQs for staff. This page will be updated as required.

Working from home health and safety advice

This guidance provides some tips and reminders to help ensure your health and safety while working from home. You are also encouraged to refer to your department’s health and safety guidance and/or policies for more information and contact details for your Health and Safety Advisor.

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COVID-19 risk assesment

This risk assessment has been prepared as a generic template in response to the emerging risks associated with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It is intended as a guide to assess common risks associated with COVID-19 in the workplace.

Health and Safety adviser contact details

Department Health & Safety Advisor Email Address
DAERA Lorrayne Simmons
DE James Kerr
DfC Mark Waite         
  Damian Donnell
DfE Allison Glass
DfI Gary Carson Planning, Water and DVA
  Brendan McNeice Transport and Resources
  Stephen Tweed Roads and Rivers
  David Dalton Roads and Rivers
  Joe Loughan Roads and Rivers
DoF Eleanor Steed (CORE)
  Louise Friel (CPD)

DoH Stephen Cairns
DoJ Paul Clarke
TEO Darrel Wilson
  Steven Bittles


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