COVID-19 ITAssist advice and guidance

To help staff with remote working, IT Assist have a range of 'How to' guides to help you get the best out of your new working routine.

IT Assist FAQs (frequently asked questions)

IT Assist have developed the following FAQ document for staff. This document will be revised as the situation progresses.

IT Assist latest news

Guidance for using a desktop PC for remote working

Guidance for users who are using a desktop PC for remote working.

IT Assist 'How to' guides

How to connect via Secure Remote Access (SRA)

The following link to the IT Assist intranet will provide steps to take to connect your laptop to the Secure Remote Access Service (SRA)

Cisco Jabber

The following guide will tell you how to login, manage contacts and disable video in Jabber.

Web Ex

WebEx facilitates online meetings with anyone who has an internet connection including mobile users. You will be connected via audio or Video. The following guide will help you to get started with Web Ex.


BTMeetMe is a service that allows for audio only conference calls, unlike WebEx conferences you do not have the option to share any screens. With a BTMeetMe meeting, you can join the call using your landline telephone, your mobile or via Jabber using a headset connected to your computer.


Cisco Telepresence Management Suite (TMS) is a portal for managing and monitoring videoconferencing from a single, structured interface.

TMS allows multiple users to dial into a video conference call. Booking confirmations include details of how to dial in from an external telephone number.

Information on setting up an audio conference can be found on the IT Assist Intranet

More 'How to' guides are available on the IT Assist portal.

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