As the current position is for people to work from home where possible, many of us will have suddenly found ourselves and our teams at home trying to work. The purpose of this page is to provide important advice on how to work from home securely, safely and efficiently.

NICSHR working from home guidance

Latest guidance on working from home for employees and line managers.  This document will be kept under review and updated when required.

General advice for remote working

This guide provides general tips for working remotely while looking after your mental health and wellbeing.

Further guidance and resources for working at home can be accessed via the LInKS portal. 

Health and Safety

Your health and safety is as important at home as it is in the office. The following guides give you advice on your physical safety and mental wellbeing.

Keeping safe online

Advice from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) at this time is to strengthen cyber defences rather than weaken them for operational needs. On 17 March the NCSC issued the following guidance to assist organisations to prepare for and implement home working

The advice provides some best practice guidance on how risks can be mitigated.

Department of Finance’s Digital Shared Services have established security processes and will continue to monitor closely the security of our environment. NCSC has highlighted that cyber criminals are preying on fears of the coronovirus and sending 'phishing' emails that try and trick users into accessing illegitimate links.

    IT and Remote Access

    To help with remote working, IT Assist have a range of help to get the best out of your new working routine.

    Additional service improvements

    Digital Shared Services are urgently investigating other collaboration tools and technologies to deliver improved on-line working capability and communications in support our staff working remotely. 

    Information Management advice

    Please read the important information below from DoF Information Management Unit & Data Services. IMU&DS have also provided guidance on remote working which you can find below.

    What happens if something goes wrong?

    If you encounter problems with your IT, you should call the Service Desk on 0300 123 4155 (operational hours are from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday). However, in the event of requiring support on laptops/mobile devices, it is worth noting that not all ‘fixes’ are possible remotely. If not urgent it is advised that staff who are working away from the office on their designated days should: 

    • email: or access the IT Assist service desk web access service
    • If you find yourself in a situation where you think your material has been lost or stolen then it is vital that you contact IT assist as quickly as possible. This will allow us to remotely disable phones and laptops and identify what potential security compromises may have occurred.

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