COVID Wellbeing NI – Parenting self-help and self-care

This week the COVID-19 Wellbeing NI hub is sharing information and guidance from Action Mental Health on the topic of 'Parenting: Self-Help & Self-Care'.

Adjusting to the current situation can be a worrying time for lots of reasons, but if you are a parent or a carer trying to support children through this period of upheaval and uncertainty it may be particularly stressful and could be affecting your own mental health to some degree. Parenting During Covid

The factsheet from Action Mental Health explores five things that you can do to ensure you are keeping well so that you can better help and support your children and family. It shares tips and advice for parents and carers on how to look after your mental health and wellbeing while coping with any additional stresses during this time.  

To find out more about the ongoing support available for Civil Servants please visit the Health & Wellbeing Section in the COVID-19 Staff Information hub which includes links to Welfare Support Services who continue to be a first port of call for any colleagues seeking additional support at this difficult time.

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Next week’s topic is Maintaining Your Health and Wellbeing with Spring Social Prescribing leading on this theme.

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