IT Assist apply monthly patches to keep our work desktops and laptops secure.

These can be quite large at times and may take some time to both download and install in the background on your machine. During this time you may notice your machine running slower than normal, with a blue wheel appearing to tell you it is busy when you try to do something. As so many of us are now working from home and connecting to the network through Secure Remote Access (SRA), IT Assist has staggered these updates to help alleviate the impact but those on slower connections at home may find calling on network resources, such as the Internet, Intranet or Records NI to be sluggish during these times.

Should you wish to know when the scheduled updates will commence installing each month please contact your Business Relationship Manager.

It may also be necessary to install critical updates outside of the monthly schedule. 

A simple way to check to see if your machine is in the middle of downloading or installing software updates is to open the blue and white IT Assist Store icon on your Desktop.

Once inside the application, click on the Updates tab on the left hand side and it will show any Microsoft updates currently downloading and/or installing on your machine and their status.

For non-Microsoft updates or installations, click on the Installation status tab instead.

Working on something offline, such as an already open document or drafting an e-mail may be more preferable during these times but may still be slow during the installation phase. 

Some updates may show as having failed to install.  Depending on the update, some will automatically retry and others you can try to reinstall from the IT Assist Store – Applications tab (above the Updates tab as shown in screen shot above).  If an update is repeatedly failing and you believe it may be impacting an application or overall performance of your computer, then you should log an Incident with IT Assist, using the Self Service Portal, emailing or phoning 155 (or 03001234155 from an outside line).

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