Digital Tools to help during Covid 19 including Citizen Space 2020

Digital Transformation Service on how Citizen Space 2020 can help during the COVID-19 epidemic and the range of other digital tools that they offer.

Digital tools

The way we work has changed since the COVID-19 crisis began. Teams across the NICS are working hard to ensure that normal service continues.

To help with that, Digital Transformation Service have several tools which may be of use to teams across the NICS.

Citizen Space

Citizen Space is an online consultation and survey tool approved for use across NICS, ALBs including Health Trusts and NDPBs at no cost. Admin users can be set up with an account very quickly and can create and manage both public and private surveys and consultations. Private consultations require admin users to issue a URL to a selected group of stakeholders and public consultations will have this facility as well as having their consultation on the nidirect citizen space webpage.

Other users can be set up as analysts in order to securely view and analyse data that has been collected as a result of Citizen Space. Results can easily be made public if the admin user has gained consent from respondents, reports of results can also be found on the citizen space webpage if an admin user chooses to publish this and quantitative results are auto analysed and provided immediately to admin users and analysts in a number of different forms including charts, editable word documents, PDFs and excel. See figures 1. and 2.

Citizen Space has been marked as secure, meeting all levels of accreditation required for public sector use and is fully GDPR compliant.

Whilst the service is normally used for surveys and consultations only, this has been temporarily extended to other forms of data collection and registration in light of Covid. Recent use of citizen space has been used for registration of mobile numbers of staff to advise them of any changes to services or building closures as a result of Covid. DoH have enquired about using CS in the COVID-19 response. 

For further information or account set up contact 

Figure 1 - Types of results available:

Figure 2. Results can be auto split by quantitative questions, in this example respondents were asked which department they belong to and results were able to be sorted accordingly:

Digital Transformation Service tool kit

The digital services toolkit includes several other services which may be of use to NICS teams.

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