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By connecting citizens we are focused on improving the citizens experience of contacting Government through personalisation and automation by providing a single and personalised user experience for access to all public services.

Digital Transformation Programme are improving citizen interactions and engagement with Government through a range of Strategic interventions, including :

  • Providing access to a greater and more comprehensive range of information on Public Services, through the NI Direct website, in a convenient and user friendly format;
  • Involving users in development of services as they have first-hand experience of dealing with Government and they are well placed to identify how it can be improved;
  • Providing a single and personalised user experience – mydirect – for citizen access to services across the entire public sector;
  • Simplifying and streamlining citizen interaction with Government, for example by providing improved ability for citizens to ‘Tell us Once’ about changes in their personal details;
  • Piloting the use of Citizen Hubs and Digital Zones to support delivery of customer focused services across a range of organisational boundries; and
  • Driving further channel shift in respect of inbound and outbound call handling; use of paper, printing and postage; and cash handling.

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