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The Digital NI Enabling Programme is based within the Enterprise Shared Services Division of the Department of Finance.

The Digital NI Enabling Programme Team's work entails putting in place new contracts and Frameworks that not only will allow the services currently delivered through the NI Direct Strategic Partnership contract (which will close in October 2022) to continue to be delivered effectively,  but also deliver access to the necessary skills and capability needed right across the wider Public Sector in NI to develop and deliver excellent digital projects and services.

The Programme aims to facilitate the delivery of a more efficient and effective public sector by:

  • Collaborating with Branches across the NICS and the wider public sector to ensure the continuity of contact centre services;
  • Identifying and delivering services which will enhance/improve our citizens contact with a range of government departments (which includes local Councils, the Education  Authority and the Health Trusts);
  • Encouraging greater collaboration across government by making future Digital contracts and frameworks available to all within the NICS and the wider public sector;
  • Procuring capability to access innovative digital skills;
  • Accessing emerging technology and digital capability to facilitate implementation of the Digital Transformation Strategy; and

Enhancing internal capability by using private sector contract/s to build capability and facilitate professional development of in-house consultants and development teams.

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