Digital Transformation Programme

The Digital Transformation Team is responsible for delivering the NICS Digital Transformation Programme and provides support and guidance to NICS departments and other public sector organisations to ensure citizen facing services are transformed in a way which improves and simplifies government services.

Digital Transformation Programme Team

The team is working towards ‘Digital First’ which means new or redesigned services must be designed with online services as the primary way for citizens to interact with government.

Central Editorial Team is the official Government website for Northern Ireland citizens, providing a single point of access to public sector information and services. The Central Editorial Team works closely with departments and other public bodies to collate key information based on the needs of the citizen. nidirect is a secure service which is available 24/7.  

Digital Inclusion

The Digital Inclusion Team, via its Go ON NI initiative, aims to promote a more digitally inclusive society. Working in partnership with organisations digitally excluded members of the population are helped to get online. This includes working with a network of community based Digital Champions across Northern Ireland and participating in events such as Silver Surfers’ Day.

Media Monitoring Unit

The Media Monitoring Unit (MMU) provides an invaluable service to all government departments, their ministers and arms length bodies by continually monitoring media from all local, national and international media news outlets. MMU also provides an essential link to, and services for, the Executive Information Service.

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