Driver & Vehicle Agency New Licencing System Launch

DVA introduces new digital licensing system for the taxi and bus industry

A new digital licensing system has been introduced by DVA for all taxi and bus operators.

The enhanced Commercial Licensing System (CLS) will streamline the licensing process and provide the industry with the facility to apply for, and manage, their licences online 24/7. 

This is the latest project to be implemented from DVA’s Digital Transformation Programme which has allowed a faster and more efficient service for customers.

The new system offers a number of benefits including issuing electronic reminders to allow fast and efficient licence renewals, a facility to upload supporting documents electronically, faster automated vehicle clearance process (which will speed up the process for all taxi and bus vehicles), the introduction of electronic licences, as well as improved regulation as operators will be advised immediately when the taxi licence for one of their drivers has been suspended or revoked.  It has facilitated electronic transactions for the taxi and bus industry during the Covid-19 pandemic. It will also automate routine processes which will make it easier for DVA staff to manage.

The DVA has been working closely with industry representatives throughout the development of this new system and with high levels of positive engagement and feedback.

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