The Driver & Vehicle Agency has provided an update on its Digital Transformation Programme and outlined the road ahead.

DVA’s Digital Transformation Programme began in 2014. Four out of the five major projects which formed the core of the Programme are now complete. We’re pleased to say that two of the projects won awards at national level - the DVA Driving Examiner Digital Solution (DEDS) winning the UK IT Industry Workplace of the Year award in 2018 and the DVA Driver Licensing System (DLS) winning the UK Industry Digital Transformation Project of the Year award for 2020. This has been a great testament to the hard work of our staff and ICT partners.

The first release of the final major project (Booking & Rostering) is due to go-live in September 2021, and at that point DVA will have a consolidated data-set across all of its business DVA Logo areas and will begin to reap the benefits of a co-ordinated application suite and a common data store. We plan to carry out a Gateway 5 in Autumn 2021 which will hopefully endorse our approach to benefits evaluation and provide ideas on how we can further improve.

With the major systems in place, the emphasis now moves to ensuring that the benefits gained from introducing the new applications are maximised. We thought it was important to re-brand further digital work under a business improvement platform, as much of our work over the next few years will involve enhancing our core systems to further drive out business efficiencies and introduce more online services.

As a result, the Digital Transformation Programme was formally closed in September 2020 and a new Business Improvement Board (BIB) was established. BIB includes representation by the Head of Digital Operations in the UK’s Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency, so that we can gain lessons from partner organisations and also share our learning with others.

The Board approved the annual business improvement work-programme for 2021/22 and we are now working with our strategic partners Fujitsu on a number of projects which will build upon our work to date as well as ensuring we keep up-to-date with the latest technology.

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