Economic Advisory and Governance Unit

The Economic Advisory and Governance Unit is responsible for benchmarking reform initiatives against international perspectives and best practice.

The Economic Advisory and Governance Unit

The Economic Advisory and Governance Unit (EAGU) play a key role in relation to:

Alternative funding models

  • EAGU are researching the feasibility of further developing the market for alternative forms of social finance for the third sector in Northern Ireland, including social impact bonds, community shares, crowdfunding and charity bonds.

Public sector value and efficiency

  • EAGU are playing a role in driving the efficiency agenda across departments, including through benchmarking and identifying the potential for improvement in specific policy areas. 

Supporting the work of Public Sector Reform Division (PSRD) colleagues

  • EAGU provide economic support, advice and analysis to other teams within PSRD, namely the Business Consultancy Service (BCS) and Innovation Labs, in providing a comprehensive reform offering to other government departments and arm’s length bodies. 

Public Sector Transformation Fund (PSTF)

  • EAGU play a key role in relation to the PSTF, which has supported voluntary exit schemes across the public sector, including through supporting the design of the funding allocation methodology, overseeing the bidding process, ongoing monitoring of allocations, and through the completion of annual evaluations of the PSTF.

Cabinet Office shared functions survey

  • EAGU lead the analysis and dissemination of the results of the Cabinet Office’s annual Shared Functions Survey

Previously EAGU played a role in supporting the work of the OECD in carrying out their Review of Public Governance in Northern Ireland, this includes:

  • liaising with OECD to develop the Terms of Reference for the Review
  • coordinating and implementing the review at various stages; for example, questionnaires, missions, case studies
  • managing the interface between executive officials and the OECD, and assisting with the development of the government response to the Review through liaison with executive and departmental officials

EAGU areas of work

The Change fund

EAGU led in developing its criteria, assessed the applications for funding, made recommendations to Minister and completed an interim and final evaluation of the Change Fund programme. The final evaluation identified evidence of value for money.


EAGU is liaising with other UK jurisdictions to improve the measurement of public sector value and efficiency.

The Economic Advisory and Governance Unit looks forward to working with you to bring innovation to your project.

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