Enniskillen Ambulance Station

CPD Health Projects recently led the delivery of a successful project for the Ambulance Service.

Project background

photo of Enniskillen Ambulance Station

The new £4.5m building, based on the site of the old Erne Hospital, provides 1,400 square metres of floor space, and a fully covered garage suitable for 12 vehicles. 

The garage space means ambulance vehicles are protected from ice and snow, meaning they can deployed quicker.

In addition staff have a comfortable environment for cleaning, restocking and servicing the vehicles, which was previously done outside in all weathers. 

The building was designed to reach the ‘excellent’ standard in BREEAM (a method for planning projects to ensure environmental sustainability over the lifetime of the building).

The interior design of the building was developed to provide a calming influence for staff, who are often exposed to traumatic events during their shifts.

photo of Enniskillen Ambulance Station

The Enniskillen station manager has particularly praised the improved dignity the new building offers staff on their return to base, and the inclusion of a training room, which was not previously available.

The project has now won several awards including:

  • RICS Infrastructure Award NI Winner
  • Irish Construction Award Health Projects 2018 Winner
  • International Green Apple Award for Sustainability – Gold Award
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