Frequently asked questions about Performance Management.

Frequently asked questions

1. I am newly appointed to a management grade and have staff management responsibilities. Due to Covid restrictions, I have not yet completed the face to face training required within the Performance Management policy. Can I complete the EYR?

No, before you can carry out an end of year review for your staff you must have completed the mandatory face to face Performance Management training with NISCHR L&D. This training is currently being delivered via webinar. If you have not already completed this training, you should book a place via Links.  There is no need to attend the webinar training if you have previously attended the classroom performance management training.

2. Can I just complete the performance management e-learning course instead of the full face to face training?

No the e-learning is designed as a refresher for those who have already completed the formal face to face training. In order to carry out an end of year review, you must have completed the face to face training. This training combines detail on policy and procedures in addition to skills practice required to carry out your role as a manager.

3. Is the Performance Management training available now?

Yes, you can book a place now. Courses are available from week commencing 15 March 2021.

4. How do I book a place on the face to face Performance Management training?

You should log into Links, where you can find the course under People Management and Recruitment. Your line manager will be asked to approve your attendance.

5. The 2020/21 annual reporting year is due to end on 31 March 2021.  What should I do about end of year reviews for my staff?

Where you are currently able to carry out an end of year review without meeting with your member of staff, you may do so.   If you are not able to do so, you should put the review on hold and check the position on a regular basis.

6. I have a member of staff who is within their probation period and they are working from home. Does this period of home working count towards their probation period?

Yes. As long as they are continuing to carry out the duties of their role.

7. If my member of staff is on probation but currently not at work or working from home, should their probation period be suspended?

Short periods of sickness absence or self-isolation would not be considered as an interruption to a period of probation. If, however, they are on a period of prolonged absence which has resulted in them being unable to satisfactorily demonstrate that they can perform their role, you should consider suspension of the probation during the absence.

8. Do I need a PPA/PDP for the 2021/22 annual reporting year?

Yes, all staff should have a PPA/PDP for the 2021/22 annual reporting year. You should speak with your manager (where you are not currently in the workplace this may be by telephone/video call) to discuss your targets for the year and if you can access HRConnect you should complete your PPA/PDP in the normal way. If you cannot currently access HRConnect, you should keep a record of what has been agreed (e-mail or paper copy) until you have the opportunity to complete your PPA/PDP on the system.

Due to the management of COVID-19 within your business area, you may be required to agree alternative or additional objectives and display other competencies outside your normal job role. Your end of year review should reflect the full range of duties you have performed over this reporting year.

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