Geographic Information business network

Land & Property Services (LPS) works with a number of commercial organisations to develop products, to use and implement Geographic Information (GI) services and to supply the general public with mapping in different formats. The information below details the different types of agreements we have with commercial organisations.

Value Added Resellers (VARs)

Value Added Resellers license digital based geographic information from LPS. This licence permits the data to be used within customer products. Because the final product adds value to the original data, they are called a ‘value-added’ reseller.

LPS and VARs agree a business model for value added products and/or services and LPS charge them a combination of up-front fee, plus royalties based on their sales of the relevant products and/or services.

For further information on how to become a VAR contact LPS as follows:


The Innovator/Developer licence gives access to LPS Geographic Information for product development and subsequent demonstration purposes only. There is no cost associated with an Innovator licence as it is designed to encourage Developers to produce new products based on LPS Data. The Innovator Licence covers a 12 month period for this purpose, at the end of which a Developer may wish to upgrade to a Value Added Reseller Agreement.

Products and/or services can only be supplied to the customer under a VAR or Distributor agent.

For further information on how to obtain an Innovator Licence, contact LPS as follows:

Accredited Licensed Partners

The LPS Accredited Licensed Partner programme has now expired.

The LPS Licensed Partner Accreditation programme was designed to give Accredited Partners an in-depth knowledge of LPS and OSNI products, build relationships with key personnel and create an atmosphere for working together for the benefit of customers.

LPS are planning to relaunch the programme again in future.

For further information on Accredited Licensed Partners or to register your interest please use the contact details below:


Distributors supply digital versions of LPS Geographic Information, rather than paper versions of maps for example:

  • a distributor orders the product from LPS at a discount price
  • the distributor licenses the product to the customer
  • they invoice the customer at whatever price they wish and thus make their mark-up or margin

The liabilities and contracts are in a chain, the distributor being liable in the first instance.

For further information on how to become a distributor contact LPS as follows:


A wholesaler sells or is related to selling goods in large quantities for resale to the consumer.


A retailer buys goods or products in large quantities from manufacturers or importers, either directly or through a wholesaler, and then sells individual items or small quantities to the general public or end user customers, usually in a shop.

For further information on how to become a wholesaler or retailer:

  • Tel: 0300 200 7804 (charged at local rate)
  • Tel: +44 28 9049 5802 (if calling from outside the UK)
  • e-mail:

Solutions Providers (SOL)

The Solutions Provider Licence is the newest form of licences released by LPS. This licence is aimed primarily at organisations who wish to provide products or services that are based on LPS data to a single customer. The Solutions Provider licence is similar to the Value Added Reseller licence but differs in that it only permits one single end user organisation to receive the Solution from the Solutions Provider. 


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