Health & wellbeing support for staff and managers

NICSHR Learning and Development has developed a range of e-learning courses designed to help staff look after their mental health, and to assist line managers support staff who may be experiencing mental health issues.

What help is available?

Please take time to review the products below as they may help you to cope with the many stresses of everyday life and help increase your level of resilience. Further information, including enrolment, is available on LInKs. 

You can access LInKs directly using the icon on your desktop. If you are not connected to the NICS network, you can also access LInKs using a personal device using the alternative link below.

Use your log on details - user name (usually your payroll number) and password. Contact NICSHR Learning and Development if you need to reset your password.


Line Managers Role in Managing Stress

This enables managers to identify and manage stress effectively. It informs managers of their roles and responsibilities in relation to stress and helps them identify appropriate support.

Managing Personal Stress and Resilience

This will help you manage personal stress and assist you in developing your personal resilience levels.

Positive Mental Health Toolkit for all staff 

This provides you with an understanding of how mental health affects how we think and feel. It will help you identify problems that can lead to stress and understand what you can do to manage stress and build resilience.

Positive Mental Health Toolkit for Line Managers

will raise awareness and promote understanding of mental health, as well as provide you with information on what steps to take to support your team members.

Learning bundles

Remote Working bundle includes tips for managing a team, holding effective online meetings and reprioritising your work during.

Health & Wellbing during COVID-19 bundle includes tips for coping with stress and anxiety, looking after your mental health and wellbeing at home.

Additional support services

The Charity for Civil Servants has launched a Wellbeing Guide App, free to download on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The app contains best practice and ideas from civil servants, along with a range of useful links and resources to help managers support the wellbeing of their team through periods of change and transition. 

find more information about the Wellbeing Guide App

The NICS WELL programme delivers support, education and information on a wide range of health and wellbeing issues to all Northern Ireland Civil Servant staff, from both home and work. 

access the NICS WELL website 

The WELL Programme is also on Facebook. Search for “The WELL Programme” on Facebook, or click the link on the Home Page of the WELL site.

Inspire is the NICS Employee Assistance Programme provider and offers a range of support. You can contact the Inspire dedicated NICS staff helpline number on 0808 800 0002, available to support our teams.

The Inspire Support Hub provides instant online access to a range of wellbeing information, guidance, screening and intervention tools. This site is password protected.

Details of how to access the hub are available on the intranet or users not connected to the network can request log on details by email.

access the Inspire support hub


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