How to register for the CPD Health Projects Register of Contractors

Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD) Health Projects maintains a Register of Contractors for building and civil engineering, mechanical and electrical services. The Register of Contractors is used to procure projects in the Health & Social Care (HSC) and public safety sector between the value of £30,000 and the EU procurement threshold for works.

What is the purpose of the Register of Contractors?

The purpose of the register is to pre-qualify contractors to work within the wide range of facility types that exist within the HSC and public safety sector including those of a highly specialist nature - for example, acute hospitals, operating theatres, laboratories, intensive care and high dependency units.

CPD Construction Division - Health Projects, HSC Trusts and public safety bodies have a duty of care to ensure that contractors working in these sectors have the necessary experience.

How to apply for the Register of Contractors

Contractors wishing to apply for inclusion on the Register of Contractors must complete an application form

Lists of Facility and Work categories held by individual contractors on the Register of Contractors

Contractors accepted onto the Register of Contractors are listed against various categories. Find out which contractors are currently listed

Suspension from the Register of Contractors

CPD Health Projects is responsible for the maintenance of the Register of Contractors, which involves the collection and recording of information pertaining to contractors on the register.

Any indication of poor performance and/or financial weakness on the part of a registered contractor will be examined and could result in a contractor being suspended from the register.

Suspension from the register will result in a contractor not being eligible for inclusion on a select list until all issues are resolved to the satisfaction of CPD Construction Health Projects.

In the event that a firm becomes insolvent (which includes a firm in administration) at any stage during the competition prior to award, it should inform CPD Health Projects immediately.

On receipt of notification of insolvency, or if CPD construction health projects through its own enquiries becomes aware of the insolvency of a firm, that firm (except under exceptional circumstances) will be automatically suspended from the register and immediately disqualified from participating in all current competitions in the HSC and public safety sector.

How do CPD health projects assess financial stability of potential contractors?

The category value allocated to a contractor on Constructionline is used as the basis for assessment of financial stability against the specific works category and category value outlined in the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) documentation.

Are there any other construction works which do not require listing on the Register of Contractors?

Contractors carrying out certain specialist works listed below on health projects do not have to be listed on the Register of Contractors (but must be registered with Constructionline and eTendersNI). 

These works will be advertised on the eTendersNI portal and the relevant HSC trust or public safety body will be responsible for selecting those contractors invited to tender.

  • demolition
  • asbestos removal / treatment
  • lift Installation
  • glazing
  • roofing
  • landscaping



If the construction works were not listed on the Register of Contractors, how does CPD health projects apply a short-listing process?

In such circumstances when HSC Trusts and public safetybodies need to seek expressions of interest for works projects other than those covered by CPD Health Projects Register of Contractors (ie building, mechanical and electrical contractors), the random selection (short-listing) process has been developed.

The link below provides the steps to be followed by HSC Trusts and public safety bodies when undertaking this activity to ensure a transparent and auditable process.

The composition of the final list of tenderers will be managed and issued to HSC Trusts and Public Safety Bodies by CPD Construction Health Projects.

Submit a new work request to CPD health projects

If your health trust has a new procurement competition that will utilise the CPD health projects Register of Contractors, then complete a New Work Request form.  

Contact CPD health projects

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