HPRM and records management advice - April 2020

As you are aware IT Assist have been working to ensure performance and functionality of the network is maintained, enabling staff to continue to work effectively, particularly those staff remote working.

Working remotely

Some staff who are remote working and depending on their broadband capacity, may experience a slight delay in documents saving to HPRM.  Here are some tips to assist you when saving, and editing documents:

  • remember to refresh HPRM by using the F6 key when you have saved or made changes to your document. This can help to update your changes to the Records NI Document Server slightly quicker
  • if you are the only user who is going to be editing a document over the course of the day, manually check out the document to your offline records, work on it through the day and manually check in with the changes. Allow time for the document to check in  before you close HPRM down
  • the more revisions there are to a document the longer it will take to check in to HPRM. Revisions of more than 500 can slow the check in process  
  • zip files must not be saved to HPRM due to their size and format
  • always check your “Documents checked out” tray before closing HPRM at the end of the day and check in documents where necessary. Allow time for the documents to check in before closing HPRM
  • think about what action it is you need to take with the document –“View” or “Edit”. Depending on what access you have to the document, if you only want to view the document choose the “view” option
  • finalise your document when you anticipate there are no further changes required. This will ensure users who have access to the document  only have the “View” option
  • customize your metadata pane to show the status of the document   ie checked in or out, the size and declared as final, revisions

How to customise your metadata pane

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