Improving Land Registers NI update January 2021

This update provides more information on the discovery part of the project so far.

What we did

We analysed the 349 responses to our surveys and carried out 37 workshops with over 95 people taking part. Participants included solicitors, lenders, other government departments, councils, law searchers, law enforcement officers, architects, and utility companies.

What you said

Data was collected on issues with the existing system and on improvements that you would like to see and it was found that there is a healthy appetite for change amongst our customers. The most common themes are below:

Communication: we need to improve how we communicate with you to be more responsive, effective and efficient and this will be a key part of the new system.

Guidance: many of you would like to have online access to user friendly explanatory guidance similar to the guidance available at HMLR.

Paper: there was a clear consensus on moving away from paper to modernise and speed up the submission and resubmission part of the registration process.

Speed: you would like to see improved turnaround times and have greater certainty on expected registration times as well as more informative case status updates.

Priority searches: The cost and turnaround time of priority searches was a recurring issue.

Releases: you would like to see this area simplified by getting lenders to authorise the registration of the cancellation of a charge electronically wherever possible.

Searching for information: you would like an online portal which is easy to navigate and provides quick access to more information.

User friendly system: many of you would like to get involved at a later stage to help make the new system as user friendly and intuitive as possible.

What next

  • We plan to run subject specific focus groups in the spring, if you would like to get involved in these please email
  • We will use all of the information gathered to write the requirements and develop specification for our new system

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