Improving Land Registers NI update January 2022

This update provides more information on the discovery phase of the project which has now been completed.

What we did

Over the last 18 months we have engaged with a wide range of stakeholders from across Northern Ireland and the UK including solicitors, lenders, law searchers, other government departments, councils, surveyors, engineering companies, and citizens. 

We have also engaged extensively with Law Society NI and other Land Registers across the UK and Ireland and we anticipate that this will continue throughout the duration of the project.


Online surveys were designed taking into consideration the service users, and what they require. The surveys were circulated to customers and stakeholders across Northern Ireland and the UK, which provided them with an opportunity to identify what needs to change, and what is important to them both now and in the future.


A series of virtual discovery workshops and interviews were held which provided participants with an open forum to provide insight, knowledge and experience of their current environment, what’s good and what’s bad about the existing process, and how it could be improved.

Focus Groups

Focus Groups were held to analyse the potential benefits and challenges of various aspects and ideas which came out of the surveys and workshops. 

What we found

There is a strong desire across all stakeholders for us to modernise and improve how we deliver our services and the key emerging themes were:

  • to reduce/remove the requirement to lodge paper with applications
  • to be able to pay for services online
  • for service users to be involved with Land Registers NI throughout the process

What next

All of the responses and findings from the surveys, workshops and focus groups are being analysed and converted into user personas and customer journeys so that we may gain a better understanding of your needs, goals and frustrations.

A long list of requirements is being developed which will aid the new delivery partner in the design of a new digital solution.

The procurement for the new delivery partner is now underway to appoint the right partner to help us build a solution that meets your requirements. This procurement could take up to 18 months as our requirements will be complex and innovative.

Things we can do now

Whilst the procurement of a new delivery partner may take some time, there are a few enhancements to the system which we are currently exploring, which include:

  • create online training videos on how to use the e-Registration and LandWeb Direct portals
  • create detailed online guidance and editable precedents to assist with the preparation of applications

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