Internal engagement

This page has information about internal staff engagement activities.

Northern Ireland Executive Sub Committee for Improving Public Services

Northern Ireland Executive sub Committee has been established to facilitate engagement at a Ministerial Level on the OECD review and related cross-cutting public sector reform activity.

SCS Masterclass

PSRD worked with the Centre for Applied Learning to develop a series of SCS Masterclasses on the topic of ‘Public Sector Reform and Innovation’. The purpose of this series was to showcase examples of successful reforms within the Northern Ireland Public Sector to senior leaders across the NICS and to open a network of contacts who can share lessons learned across the wider public sector.

NICS Awards

The NICS Awards Scheme was introduced for all staff to recognise high achievers and those staff who go the extra mile.  The NICS Awards 2016 received over 260 nominations under the nine award categories.  They were presented at a dedicated awards ceremony 17 June 2016 at Parliament Buildings


NICS live is the largest staff engagement in NICS, which attracts around 1500 delegates

The primary objective of NICS Live is to “provide an opportunity for NICS staff across all grades, to come together to share experiences, learn from each other, be informed about good practice and service and be motivated and inspired to work more effectively for Ministers and to achieve improvements through better service delivery.”

The event provides a unique opportunity to showcase strong examples of best practice, innovative thinking, alternative approaches to old and new problems and improved service delivery which will help create a better future for the citizens of Northern Ireland.

Building on the success of events held in 2010, 2012, 2015, plans are currently being developed to run another NICS live event in 2017.

In particular, NICS Live 2015 provided an important learning opportunity for staff to assist them in considering how they can support Ministers in the development and delivery of services to the public in more innovative and effective ways.

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