Introduction to the Managed Service for performance management of construction projects

The Managed Service for the Performance Management of Construction Projects (referred to as the Managed Service) is now available to enable user organisations to record and monitor a set of agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), sustainability and health and safety performance as part of the contract management process.

Provision of the Managed Service

The Managed Service is currently being funded by CPD for the greater good and its use is free of charge to user organisations. The system has extensive, and user customisable, online help facilities.

The Managed Service is based on the kpi4 construction tool and is hosted as an internet based service by Room4 Consulting Ltd (The Managed Service provider).

System administrators

Each organisation using the Managed Service has appointed their own internal system administrators.

To use the Managed Service you will need to contact your own organisation's administrator for a login username and password (see also ‘User Types’ below).

The Managed Service replaces the previous service which used the AENI Database.

Login to the Managed Service

To login for the Managed Service go to and enter your username and password.

Help resources for the Managed Service

Queries specific to an organisation should be addressed to the organisation's administrator in the first instance.

User Guides are also available as follows:

A telephone helpline is available for users of the Managed Service - contact 0151 339 9355

Training for the Managed Service

Training presentations are available below for administrators and client adviser/project managers (CAPMs):

User types

The Managed Service caters for four different user types. User types one and two are classed as administrators.

  • User type one: two administrators reside in CPD’s Construction Procurement Policy Branch with responsibility for the Managed Service as a whole
  • User type two: two administrators reside in each organisation that intend to use the service
  • User type three: are generally client advisers and project managers within user organisations

The above users must login to the Service using a username and password.

  • User type four: are casual users, typically clients and consultants external to user organisations and do not have to login to the Service.

    The system tasks carried out by these users are to provide information by completing electronic questionnaires sent out by administrators, client advisers or project managers (user types 1, 2 and 3). 
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