IT Assist drop in centre arrangements

IT Assist have organised drop in centre arrangements for any staff that are required to bring equipment into the office or collect IT equipment. Where at all possible, IT work will be carried out remotely and only if it is essential will staff be required to attend the drop in centre.

How does the drop in centre work?

Users should log Incidents or Service Requests as normal.  These will be processed and, if required, someone from the IT Assist drop in centre will contact the user directly to give them a date and time to attend Craigantlet Buildings to pick up any IT equipment.

Please note the drop in centre is by appointment only.

Upon arrival, you should ask at reception for the drop in centre.  There is a waiting area inside the foyer and individuals will be collected from there.  Please note that there is a limit to the number of people allowed in the reception and foyer at any one time.  All necessary measures have been taken to comply with social distancing.  All work will be completed while the user is on site.

It is important that staff do not attend if they are experiencing any COVID 19 symptoms.  Due to social distancing it is imperative that too many people are not arriving to Craigantlet at the same time. These measures are critical to protect the health and wellbeing of all staff.

How can I contact the Drop in Centre?  

The drop in centre now has an email address for queries:

Where is the Drop in Centre?

The IT Assist drop in centre is based in Craigantlet Buildings, located in the Stormont Estate and the address is:

Craigantlet Buildings
Stoney Road

The map below shows where Craigantlet Buildings is – the Stoney Road entrance is closest, if individuals come in via here the visitor car park is just on their right as they come through security.  The photos below show the front of the entrance via Stoney Road and the front of the building. There are three entrances to Stormont: Stoney Road, Massey Avenue or Upper Newtownards Road. All three entrances are currently open.

What do I do if I am collecting specific COVID 19 (coronavirus) contingency laptops?

Some Departments are collecting contingency laptops.  In this case the Laptop Team will contact the Department in question before arranging for them to come to Craigantlet Buildings to collect.  The Departments are arranging to pick up laptops in batches to minimise any social contact and Departments are then allocating contingency laptops out to their teams.

More IT Assist help

IT Assist have their own section on the NICS Coronavirus Hub. You can find out the latest news, 'how to' guides and FAQs there.

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