IT Assist FAQ - Accessing IT Assist Services during COVID-19

Latest guidance and advice on accessing IT services from IT Assist.

How do I contact IT Assist while working remotely?

How do I raise an incident with IT Assist?

The IT Assist Service Desk's opening hours are from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Staff can call direct on 155 to report faults or alternatively log faults in the IT Assist Self-Service Portal from the icon on their desktop – see below. The Service Desk will attempt to resolve any faults or problems at the first point of contact. If not initially solved, these problems will be  escalated as appropriate. From the desktop, select the IT Assist Portal Icon.

You can enter the required details in the on-line forms and save and close to submit your incident with IT Assist. You can also check progress on the status of the incident or service request using the IT Assist Portal Icon.

For more information please see the IT Assist portal user guide.

How do I raise a service request?

The process for raising Service Requests within your Department has not changed. This varies by Department and many business areas have Service Request Teams or local Service Requestors that can raise a Service Request on your behalf. 

Please note that some Service Requests may require additional approvals via your Business Relationship Manager (BRM), IT Security Officer (ITSO) or line management. Your Service Request Team or Service Requestor will inform you of any additional approval steps if required.

How do I direct my calls to my work mobile?

You can redirect your phone from a Jabber softphone and from your desk phone. If you don’t have access to your desk phone or a Jabber softphone then you can enter a Service Request to IT Assist asking for your work telephone number to be redirected to your mobile.

Please see guidance attached on forwarding calls using Jabber.

What is the procedure for the IT Assist Drop in Centre?

IT Assist have organised drop in centre arrangements for any staff that are required to bring equipment into the office or collect IT equipment. Where at all possible, IT work will be carried out remotely and only if it is essential will staff be required to attend the drop in centre.

Users should log Incidents or Service Requests as normal. These will be processed and, if required, someone from the IT Assist drop in centre will contact the user directly to give them a date and time to attend Craigantlet Buildings to pick up any IT equipment.

Please note the drop in centre is by appointment only.

It is important that staff do not attend if they are experiencing any COVID- 19 symptoms. Due to social distancing it is imperative that too many people are not arriving to Craigantlet at the same time. These measures are critical to protect the health and wellbeing of all staff.

For more details please see link below:

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