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I am having difficulty in saving documents to HPRM / TRIM?

IT Assist have been working to ensure performance and functionality of the network is maintained, enabling staff to continue to work effectively, particularly those staff remote working.  Some staff who are remote working and depending on their broadband capacity, may experience a slight delay in documents saving to HPRM.

What should I do before closing HPRM / TRIM each day?

Always check your “Documents checked out” tray before closing HPRM at the end of the day and check in documents where necessary. Please allow time for the documents to check in before closing HPRM.

I created a document and saved it into HPRM / TRIM but it does not appear in the recent documents screen - how do I find it?

Bear in mind that the document will not appear on the Recent Documents list until it has been closed. If the document is still open, you must close it. If the document still does not appear on the Recent Documents list use F6 (Reload) on the keyboard to manually reload the Window. It can take 30 seconds for a document to save.

I cannot open a HPRM/ TRIM document for editing, why is this?

This can occur for several reasons;

- You have been given the rights to View the document but not to update it,

- The document has been declared as “Final" and therefore cannot be updated

- The document is already “checked out” either to yourself or someone else.

N.B. If you simply want to View or Print the document right click on the document and go to View .You will not be able to double click on the document to open it.

HPRM has stopped working with Outlook, how do I fix this without re-starting my PC/Laptop?

Occasionally the Microsoft Add-in linking Microsoft products e.g. Outlook and Word disappears. To fix this issue:

Open Outlook, Click on File, then click options, then add ins, at the very button of the screen click on go and another window is displayed. Tick the HP Records Manager Add-Ins for Microsoft Outlook and click OK

This user guide may be useful.

You should always report this issue to IT Assist even if you fix it yourself.

Why can I not format my email, when I send a HPRM / TRIM link?

If the formatting drops off when sending an HPRM link, it can re-applied by going to Format Text Tab in your email and selecting HTML.

What do I do if I am the only user editing a document in HPRM / TRIM over the course of a day?

If you are the only user who is going to be editing a document over the course of the day, manually check out the document to your offline records, work on it through the day and manually check in with the changes. Please allow time for the document to check in before you close HPRM down.

Does the amount of revisions I make to a document have any bearing on the time to check in? 

The more revisions there are to a document the longer it will take to check in to HPRM.

How do I refresh my HPRM / TRIM document?

Remember to refresh HPRM by using the F6 key (fn+F6 keys on laptops) when you have saved or made changes to your document. This can help to update your changes to the Records NI document server more quickly.

When should I finalise my document on HPRM / TRIM?

Finalise your document when you anticipate there are no further changes required. This will ensure users who have access to the document only have the “View” option;

Can I save zip files to HPRM / TRIM?

Zip Files must not be saved to HPRM due to their size and format;

What if I need access to other storage devices for remote working?

HPRM / TRIM will provide an appropriate and effective method of working for the vast majority of staff.  However there is a recognised need to accommodate those staff with unique file management needs.  Access to external drives may be provided on approval of the Departmental Information Manager and on a case-by-case basis.  Further information is available from Information Management Units/Branches.

For tips to assist you when saving, and editing documents while working remotely please read the HPRM and records management advice - April 2020 article.

For further FAQs, HPRM/TRIM guidance and information about records management please read HPRM FAQs.

There is also HPRM/TRIM Training available.

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