Launch of Cyber Aware and suspicious email reporting service

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), working alongside the Home Office, the Cabinet Office and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), has launched a security awareness campaign and a world-leading scam reporting service to help people protect themselves from malicious cyber criminals exploiting the ongoing global pandemic.

What is this campaign for?

The campaign offers advice and guidance to help people protect their devices, accounts and passwords from cyber criminals. In addition to this, it also includes advice for people who are trying out video-conferencing services for the first time during lockdown.

Suspicious Email Reporting Service

As part of the Cyber Aware campaign, and to reduce the number of successful phishing attacks in the UK, the NCSC has also launched a Suspicious Email Reporting Service.

The service is for members of the public to report emails they consider suspicious but where they have not experienced a financial loss,  which will make it easier for people to forward suspicious emails to the NCSC – including those claiming to offer services related to coronavirus.

By forwarding any dubious emails (including those claiming to offer support related to COVID-19) to the NCSC’s automated­ programme will immediately test the validity of the site. Any sites found to be phishing scams will be removed immediately.

Please note - you should forward any suspicious emails you recieve at your .gov email account as an attachment to


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