Learn about the Centre of Expertise for programme and project management

The Centre of Expertise for Programme and Project Management provides policy and best practice advice, guidance, support and resources on programme and project management to stakeholders and practitioners and delivers integrated assurance for programmes and projects.


The Centre of Expertise for Programme and Project Management (CoE) is part of Central Procurement Directorate within Department of Finance. CoE was set up in January 2006 as part of the NICS response to a Whitehall initiative to improve programme and project delivery.

CoE is responsible for delivering the Gateway Review process in the Northern Ireland Civil Service and the wider public sector and for delivering other assurance products. CoE works in partnership with the NICS Centre for Applied Learning (CAL) providing both subject-expert input and hands-on delivery of CAL's PPM learning and development programme.


Head of the Centre of Expertise is Stephen McDowell
Telephone: 028 9081 6476
Email: stephen.mcdowell@finance-ni.gov.uk

Departmental Assurance Co-ordinator is Jim Coffey
Telephone: 028 9081 6038
Email: jim.coffey@finance-ni.gov.uk

Jim is responsible for these business areas:

  • DoF (Department of Finance)
  • DoJ (Department of Justice)
  • Northern Ireland Water
  • TEO (The Executive Office)

Departmental Assurance Co-ordinator is Jonathan Crook
Telephone: 028 9081 6815
Email: jonathan.crook@finance-ni.gov.uk

Jonathan is responsible for these business areas:

  • DAERA (Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs)
  • DE (Department of Education)
  • DfE (Department for the Economy)
  • Translink

Departmental Assurance Co-ordinator is Angela Ross
Telephone: 028 9081 6084
Email: angela.ross@finance-ni.gov.uk

Angela is responsible for these business areas:

  • DfC (Department for Communities)
  • DfI (Department for Infrastructure)
  • DoH (Department of Health)
  • Roads and Rivers

Contact details for the Gateway Operations Team
Telephone: 028 9081 6105
Email: gateway.cpd@finance-ni.gov.uk

Centre of Expertise for PPM
Central Procurement Directorate
2nd Floor East
Clare House
303 Airport Road West
Belfast  BT3 9ED
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