Learn about the Code of Practice for government construction clients and their supply chains

In this section you can find out about the code of practice agreed by the Government Construction Clients Group, and the Construction Industry Group NI in March 2010.

What is the Code of Practice for?

The Code of Practice sets out the core principles that will rule the behaviour of all members of integrated project teams on government construction projects – government construction clients and integrated supply chains (of consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers).

It is a code of conduct that encourages all participants to work together openly and co-operatively. It also represents a commitment that all participants are serious about wanting to be better customers and better suppliers within relationships that can bring mutual reward.

Who developed the code? 

The Government Construction Clients Group and the Construction Industry Group have jointly developed the code. The code is not intended to have legal effect, although it is consistent with EU procurement regulations and Northern Ireland procurement policy guidelines.

The code encapsulates the twelve guiding principles that are the basis of Northern Ireland’s public procurement policy, that were developed by the Northern Ireland Executive.

The twelve guiding principles were endorsed by the Construction Industry Group and are enhanced by additional principles suggested by the group.

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