Learn about pre-qualification for capital works projects for the health and public safety sectors

Contractors wishing to apply for inclusion on a select list of tenderers for any capital works health project advertised on eTendersNI must have already pre-qualified at the date of selection of tenderers.

Understanding the select list qualification criteria

Contractors wishing to apply for inclusion on the select list of tenderers for any health projects advertised must, at date of selection of tenderers, have already pre-qualified, by meeting all of the following three requirements:

  • being on the Health Projects Register of Contractors
  • being registered as a supplier on the eTendersNI portal
  • having active status on Constructionline

Find out more about the use of Constructionline within health projects

Visit the Constructionline website for information on becoming registered with Constructionline. All firms should be aware that Health and Social Care Trusts, along with other public funded bodies in Northern Ireland, may only use contractors and consultants pre-qualified by Constructionline (this is mandatory). 

What is Constructionline used for?

Constructionline is used to pre-qualify contractors for all contracts above £30k and below the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 ("EU regulations") threshold. Constructionline is used to validate factors such as

  • assessment of financial standing
  • works category
  • category value

The primary purpose of Constructionline is to remove the need for suppliers to submit to each client buyer, contract by contract, pre-qualification information and supporting documents, thus reducing the administrative burden of repeatedly filling in pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQ's).

CPD Health Projects and the use of Constructionline

CPD Health Projects, in compliance with public sector procurement policy, requires all contractors tendering for construction related works under the EU threshold to be registered with Constructionline.

As much of the work undertaken within the health sector is complex, specialised and of a life critical nature, CPD Health Projects maintains a 'Register of Contractors' with specific health related works categories allocated to the contractor.

This level of information is not held on the Constructionline database, and it is considered extremely important in the selection of contractors for work in the HSC and Public Safety sector. The register is used to validate the project works requirement against the allocated categories. CPD Health Projects use both databases in a complementary manner in the selection of contractors to be invited to tender.

In addition to registration with Constructionline, it is a requirement for prospective contractors in the health, social care and public safety sectors to be registered on the Register of Contractors for the reasons cited above. You can visit the How to register section of the Constructionline website.

Register now to use Constructionline

If you are not already registered for Constructionline, you can contact Constructionline on 08706 071 602 or through the Constructionline website.

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