Learn about the process for advertising tenders for capital works projects for the health and public safety sectors

Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) Health Projects has set out a seven step process to help potential contractors understand the procurement process for capital works projects in Northern Ireland for Health and Social Care Trusts and public safety bodies, which have value above £30,000 and below the EU threshold for works.

Understanding the seven step process:

  1. All tender opportunities are advertised on the eTendersNI portal and the Official Journal of the European Union (where applicable - works or services above the EU threshold). Contractors that are not registered with eTendersNI will not be invited, nor be able to apply for tender opportunities within the health, social care and public safety sectors. Some tender opportunities may be by invitation only. Each advert will give the latest time and date for receipt of applications, together with detail on the nature of the works.

  2. For below EU threshold works, firms may be invited to submit a Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) based upon the agreed Select List Qualification Criteria, which includes the supplier being registered with eTendersNI, having active status on the CPD Health Projects Register of Contractors, and being registered with active status on Constructionline.

  3. A supplier invitation list will be produced - pre-qualified firms (that is firms with the appropriate facility and work categories allocated on the CPD Health Projects Register of Contractors) will be invited to complete an online PQQ web-form in order to be considered for inclusion on the list of firms to be invited to tender.

  4. All applicants who satisfy the criteria of the particular project (with regard to financial and work categorisation on Constructionline) will be considered eligible.

  5. Where more than six contractors meet the requirements outlined in the PQQ web-form, the details of these contractors will be input to the Management Information System for the CPD Health Projects Register of Contractors, and the system will follow rota order to produce a select list (short-list) of no more than six to be invited to tender in accordance with established procedures.

  6. Firms included on the Select List will be invited to tender, and as a result will be moved to the bottom of the rota list. Any firm not invited to tender will retain its position on the Register of Contractors.

  7. Firms that are active on the CPD Health Projects Register of Contractors and fully meet the Facility and Work Category criteria for the subcontracting works on a particular project, may request the contracting authority to provide the names of those firms on the select list for tendering purposes.

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