Judgment, Remedy Process and Progress so far.


In 2015, the Government introduced reforms to public sector pension schemes. This resulted in the establishment of a number of new reformed schemes across the public sector.

In 2018, the Court of Appeal held that the transitional protection, offered to members who were closer to retirement age gave rise to unlawful discrimination.

More information on the background and what has happened so far can be found below:

Background Information of the McCloud Judgment 

Public service pension schemes consultation - updated November 2020

The public service pensions consultation to remove the discrimination identified by the courts in the 2015 pension reforms, which ran from 19 August 2020 to 18 November 2020, has now closed and feedback is being analysed. An update will be available to view on the Public Service Pensions portal when this has been completed.

Further information is available within the consultation FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions – Updated January 2021

We have now compiled a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions to address any queries that have been highlighted up to now.

McCloud Judgment – Transitional Protection Frequently Asked Questions 

We will continually review and update this document as questions arise.  

So what does this mean for you?

Remedy hearings are ongoing in employment tribunals as are discussions with relevant stakeholders as to how to address the unlawful treatment identified by the Court of Appeal, and so we’re unable to confirm exactly what it means for members.

It’s not as straightforward as returning all pension members to their pre-2015 schemes as this would cause detriment for a lot of our pension scheme members. There are many individuals who are expected to be better off within alpha

At this time, the most important message is that ‘The pension you have earned to date is safe.’

What happens next?

We expect that employment tribunal hearings and stakeholder discussions to progress and we expect this will result in agreement as to a way forward to address the unlawful treatment. Once this has been agreed, actions will be undertaken to rectify the situation.

We are and will be engaging with the relevant stakeholders including (but not limited to) Trade Unions, Employers, HM Treasury and affected members to ensure all views are considered.

We aim to update this web page within 24 hours of any important updates.



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