Myportal, an application developed by the Department of Finance Digital Transformation Service (DTS) is available now for all service owners to use.

Customers can set up an account, allowing them access to the full catalogue of online services, send and receive secure messages, subscribe to receive service notifications and chat with the myportal chatbot if there's something they're not sure about. This all comes in one easy to use personalised space.

Service owners can decide whether their customers' identity must be verified in order to access their application and this is currently handled by the integrated NICS Identity Assurance system (NIDA) application, supported by the nidirect Contact Centre.

Features are under constant review and some of the development and functionality in the pipeline includes the ability to see the progress of applications, a secure document store and seamless single sign-on for multiple identity providers.

Service owners can opt in to manage direct communications with customers via the myportal admin application. This includes the ability to send and schedule secure messages and notifications, reducing white mail costs, increasing efficiency and ensuring the security of any correspondence.

DTS is currently working with business areas to refine the on-boarding process and explore future universal features, and would welcome any other business areas who may be interested in exploring the benefits myportal could have both for their service and service users.

Any service owners who are interested can get in touch to schedule a demo and find out more.

Secure Messaging

Secure messaging is a feature available through the myportal application and has numerous benefits for service owners and customers.


Although email is a widely used and popular means of communication, it is inherently insecure and runs the risk that message contents and attachments could be intercepted and maliciously tampered with. Using secure messaging reduces the risk of data loss/theft and increases the overall security of your service.


If your service still uses white mail for correspondence, using secure messaging can help move your service online. Secure messaging reduces administrative costs and also has the potential to remove the associated expensive print and postage costs.


With secure messaging you can be assured of the timeliness of your correspondence and benefit from enhanced turnaround times. Secure messaging is available to users whose identity has been verified, ensuring the accuracy of customer contact information.

In summary, the secure messaging service has the potential to enhance the security of service correspondence, reduce costs and increase efficiency, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction. For more information please get in touch.

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