It has been an enormous challenge to continue to deliver services over the past few months. Lockdown and the need to ensure we are adhering to social distancing measures have impacted us all.

As well as ensuring we continue to deliver services, the NICS also has a duty of care to staff during emergency situations such the current Covid-19 pandemic. Keep in Touch graphic

As we move into the recovery phase and with the majority of staff working from home, managers need to know who is available for work each day, where they are working and whether they have access to the equipment they need. This information is currently being gathered clerically, but this system is time consuming and the results are often inaccurate.

The new Keep in Touch Application is a quick and easy to use digital solution. Users will be asked to confirm a few simple details in relation to their availability for work, their current working location and their access to digital equipment. 

As well as helping staff and managers to stay in touch with each other, it will also give managers information at a glance about their staff availability.

You can access the application via your work laptop by using the icon on your desktop or externally on a personal device such as mobile phone or laptop with internet access. If you choose to access the KIT Application from one of your personal devices, extra security will be required for logging on, known as two factor authentication. This will send you an email with a unique numerical identifier to your personal email address.

To help you understand more about the purpose and use of the KIT application, some frequently asked questions have been produced and will be available on the application. It also includes a Privacy Notice and a User Guide.

Some departments have decided to continue with existing keeping in touch arrangements and will not be included in the application roll out. The application is being rolled out across participating NICS departments over the next few weeks. You will receive further information and instructions on how to access the application in due course.

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