NI Reval2023: Calculating Business Rates

This autumn Land & Property Services (LPS) will begin assessing all non-domestic properties for rates.

The last revaluation of non-domestic properties in Northern Ireland was in 2020 and was based on April 2018 rental values.

Rebalancing business rates

LPS is revaluing all business properties in Northern Ireland and the new values will be used to calculate rate bills for non-domestic properties from April 2023. The revaluation will ensure that the rating system stays up-to-date, reflects local economic changes and makes the system fairer by redistributing rate liability fairly across all sectors and in line with changes in market rental values.

A new Valuation List will come into effect on 1 April 2023 and will be in line with October 2021 rental property values.


How we calculate business rates

Calculating rates for retail businesses



Calculating rates for licensed premises






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