NI Reval2023: Contact the Reval2023 team

Land & Property Services has updated the rateable values of all non domestic properties in Northern Ireland. You should contact the Reval2023 team if you think your draft valuation is wrong.

The draft valuations will be used to assess rates liability from 1 April 2023 and can now be viewed online at Reval2023: Draft schedule of values. Information around general queries can be found on the NI Reval2023 website and ‘FAQS and Support’ section of the draft schedule. 

Contacting us about your draft valuation

If you wish to contact the Reval2023 team about your draft valuation, you can do this by using the online contact form available through the draft schedule of values.

  • Visit the draft schedule of values
  • Search for your property by entering your property’s details
  • Visit the ‘FAQs and support’ section
  • Click on the ‘Contact Us’ button at the bottom of the page

If you are unable to go online you can call the LPS Rating & Valuation helpline on 0300 200 7801 and a telephone agent will assist you in completing the online contact form.

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