NI Reval2023: Rent & Lease Questionnaires

In October 2021 LPS issued Rent and lease Questionnaires (RALQs) to the occupiers of most non domestic properties. In some cases, LPS requested information on trading and accounts from pubs, hotels, caravan sites, quarries, B&Bs. The rental information provided has been reviewed and analysed to produce new rateable values.

Supplying information

If you did not complete a RALQ and have evidence that you wish LPS to consider, you should contact the Reval2023 team, to provide all of the following information that applies to you;

The information you need to supply LPS with is:

  • your lease or rental agreement, including the date it was set, the current passing rent or any tenants’ details if you are the owner.
  • information about any recent changes to your rent or any rent-free periods
  • details of any sub-lettings
  • information about any changes you have made to the property, including costs
  • if the property is a public house, or licensed accommodation you will need to provide details of your turnover for the period between 2018 and 2021 (inclusive).
  • you will need to provide details of throughput if your business is a petrol filling station
  • you will need to provide details of number and type of accommodation, occupancy rates and turnover if your business is a self-catering or bed & breakfast establishment.

You should supply the above information by completing the appropriate questionnaire at NI Reval2023: Properties unable to complete online Rent And Lease Questionnaire (RALQ) and return it to Land & Property Services (LPS).

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