Northern Ireland Housing Executive Customer Portal launch

The Housing Executive’s new Customer Portal went live on Thursday 28th May 2020.

1st September 2020

Services provided currently are aimed at tenants but there is potential to extend services to include other customer groups. Tenants can set up a secure account that will enable them to access their tenancy information, request services and contact us about any issues they may have. 

Functionality will be introduced over the next few weeks that will enable staff to be proactive and assist tenants to sign up to the Portal when contacting them for other business reasons. We will also be working with the supplier to develop further enhancements over the coming months.

  • Services provided;
  • View and update contact details;
  • View and update personal details;
  • View and Update household members;                           
  • View account balance and transactions;
  • View and print an account statement;
  • Make a payment;
  • Request a Direct Debit;
  • Request a rent payment card;
  • Report and track repairs;
  • Request a transfer or an adaptation;
  • Request self-help for a repair;
  • Apply for a garage;
  • Send and receive web messages.

For more information please visit the NI Housing Executive website.

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