As many NICS buildings are now either closed or have limited numbers of staff currently working, the normal distribution and delivery of pay slips is significantly disrupted.

For monthly paid staff a high volume of March pay slips have been returned undelivered and this has also been the case for last week’s weekly pay slips.

The NICS understands our requirement to provide all employees with a pay advice slip, and we will continue to print pay slips while staffing levels and access to systems facilitate this. However to minimise the risk of pay slips being lost and to ensure the secure retention of pay slips during this period, from this point forward and until further notice (ie this week’s pay slips for weekly paid staff and April’s pay slips for monthly paid staff) pay slips will not be distributed and will be retained securely for future distribution on return to normal operations. This will apply whether your pay slip is issued to your office or home address and will apply to both monthly and weekly paid staff. Arrangements will be made to re-issue all pay slips when the current emergency situation has ended.

It will not be possible to re-direct pay slips to home addresses, other alternative locations or issue via email during this period. Your support with this matter at this unprecedented time is greatly appreciated.

Staff should check their bank accounts and where your salary/wage has not been credited into your bank account on the expected date, or you have queries regarding the payments, you should contact HRConnect in the normal way by phone or email;

HRConnect contact details: 

NICS (excluding DOJ/PPS)

Direct Dial: 1464

External: 0800 1 300 400

Non-industrial Email:

Industrial Email:


Direct Dial: 1465

External: 0800 1 300 500


Line management should ensure this message is communicated to all staff.

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