This section explains the background to Procurement Guidance Notes (PGNs) and lists the documents which are available to view.

Background to Procurement Guidance Notes

Construction & Procurement Delivery (CPD) is responsible for disseminating advice and guidance to the NI public sector on public procurement policies and for monitoring implementation.

CPD does this through the publication of Procurement Guidance Notes (PGNs). The PGNs are developed in consultation with the Centres of Procurement Expertise (CoPEs).

Once endorsed by the Procurement Board for use throughout the public sector, they are issued to NI civil service departments and CoPEs, and published online in this section.

PGNs are the means by which the NI public sector is advised of procurement policy and best practice developments.


Published in 2020

Published in 2018

Published in 2017

Published in 2016

Published in 2015

Published in 2014

Published in 2013

Published in 2012

Published in 2011


Published in 2010

Published in 2009

Published in 2008

Published in 2007

Published in 2006

Published in 2005

  • PGN 01/05 - Procurement Value for Money and Efficiency Measurement (guidance note withdrawn)

Published in 2003

  • PGN 01/03 - Pilot Employment Opportunity Scheme (guidance note withdrawn)
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