Procurement guidance notes relevant to CPD customers

CPD has published a set of Procurement Guidance Notes (PGN) online - these cover a wide ranges of topics related to public procurement.

Procurement Guidance Notes (PGNs)

Some of the PGNs are particularly relevant to CPD customers, whether you work in a department, agency or arm's length body. The relevant topics are listed below for quick access to the documents. 

At the commissioning stage 

This includes all the preparation before a procurement begins - for example when you are carrying out pre-market engagement, identifying your needs, developing your business case, discussing the procurement strategy with CPD, and preparing the tender questions. 

The relevant PGNs provide guidance on:

During the procurement

This includes pre-qualification and tender advertisement, selection and evaluation stages, and the award of contract. 

The relevant PGNs provide guidance on:

During the delivery of the contract

This includes managing the contract, benefits realisation, project closure and lessons learned.

The relevant PGNs provide guidance on:

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