Regional Rate

This page provides details of the Regional Rate which is set by the NI Executive.

Regional Rate Order 2017

The 2017 Regional Rate was struck by special legislation which passed through Westminster.  The Northern Ireland (Ministerial Appointments and Regional Rates) Act 2017 Act set the regional rates for domestic and non‐domestic property for the rating year by stipulating a regional rate for domestic and non‐domestic property, expressed in terms of “pence per pound of rateable value”.

Regional rates are normally set through an Order subject to the affirmative resolution procedure in the Assembly and made under Article 7 of the Rates (Northern Ireland) Order 1977 (SI 1977/2157). It was necessary to proceed by means of Westminster legislation in this instance because, in the continued absence of an Executive, these rates could not otherwise be set.   

The rates reflect a 1.6% increase, for both domestic and non‐domestic ratepayers, equivalent to the current level of inflation as measured using the most recent GDP deflator. This inflationary measure has been the standard method used by the Northern Ireland Executive for providing for inflationary uplifts in this context since the restoration of the devolved institutions in 2007. It is also the inflation adjustment used in setting the Northern Ireland public expenditure budget. The expected net revenue from the combined regional rate is estimated to be in excess of £580m.


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