Register of Suppliers' Poor Performance

From July 2017 onwards, government suppliers who fail to address poor performance will be listed in the Register of Suppliers' Poor Performance.

What is the Register of Suppliers' Poor Performance? 

Government departments and arms length bodies in Northern Ireland work with a wide range of suppliers. Occasionally, and despite best efforts by the public body to engage with a supplier to resolve problems, a supplier's performance can fall below the level required under the contract. 

When a supplier's poor performance is escalated to one of the Centres of Procurement Expertise (CoPE), the supplier may be issued with Notices of Written Warning. 

If performance fails to improve, a Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance may be issued, or the contract may be terminated.

The Register of Suppliers' Poor Performance lists the notices issued by the CoPEs and any contracts terminated.

Find out more about dealing with poor contractor performance

The Protocol for Managing Supplier Poor Performance can be found on the Sourcing and Construction Toolkits page. 


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