Strategic Insight Lab

A Strategic Insight Lab is a tailored workshop facilitated by Lab staff where a complex or ‘wicked’ challenge is progressed through an innovation process and discussed by all the main stakeholders.

How a Strategic Insight Lab works

The workshop must involve the decision makers as the sponsors. The group will be taken through aspects of the double diamond design approach to get clarification on the issue and to identify the strategic direction by developing recommendations relating to the challenge.

These recommendations could then be taken forward in the form of a strategy or a transformation programme for example, potentially leading to other Innovation Lab projects on specific aspects of the agreed programme. This type of event should allow the decision makers to consider all aspects of the problem and we particularly want the voice of the service user to be heard and factored into any solutions/recommendations coming out of these Lab.

You can read an insight report that was written about a Strategic Insight Lab using the following link:


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