Successful Launch of App for People Living With Dementia

Ulster University, in collaboration with HSC Digital Health and Care NI has successfully launched a new reminiscence app called InspireD to enable people living with dementia, their carers and families to create a digital memory book to store photographs, videos and sounds; aimed at sparking conversations and providing opportunities to share experiences and maintain relationships.

The app was developed by researchers from Ulster University's Schools of Nursing, Computing and the Belfast School of Art in partnership with Dementia NI and local app developer Scaffold Digital.

Free to download on both Apple and Android smartphones and tablet devices or from the HSC Apps4Dementia library, the InspireD app enables users to peruse their Inspire logo personal photographs and videos and in doing so, share memories about past experiences and important life events. Users can also add written or voice notes about photographs, music and film clips so that family, friends and carers understand why a particular memory or time is special. This can help trigger conversations as people using the app begin to tell and hear stories that they may have never told or heard before. All of these memories are kept in an easy-to-reach place on a smartphone or tablet.

Research and Experience

For most people, the thought of a dementia diagnosis and the fear of losing their ability to recall treasured memories is devastating. However, many people living with dementia have problems with their short-term memory and find it easier to remember things about their past. Reminiscence draws on this strength by supporting people to share their life experiences, memories and stories and in doing so to maintain and build connections with other people.

The development of the InspireD app builds on previously published research carried out by Ulster University which investigated the impact of a personalised reminiscence programme, using an iPad app for 60 people living with dementia, their family and carers. The study showed that reminiscence improved mood, wellbeing, quality of life and relationships for people living with dementia. 

Professor Assumpta Ryan, Professor of Ageing and Health at Ulster University and InspireD app project lead commented:

This truly collaborative project brought together Ulster’s research expertise in Nursing, Computing and Design with the lived experience of Dementia NI members and local app developer Scaffold Digital to create an app which has the power to enhance the lives of those living with dementia.

Spending time with friends and family and sharing experiences and memories is something most of us enjoy and this does not change after a dementia diagnosis. The InspireD app is designed to help people living with dementia to stay connected to family and friends by using photographs, sounds and videos to share memories and trigger conversations that may not otherwise have happened.

Here at Ulster University we are absolutely delighted to see such a great response to our newly launched InpireD reminiscence app. We are indebted to Dementia NI for working with us on all stages of the development and testing of the app and to Digital Health & Care NI for funding the project.

It is wonderful to know that an app developed in Northern Ireland can provide much needed support to people living with dementia, nationally and internationally. Our website, is attracting over 500 visitors per month and the downloads are steadily increasing.


The project team worked closely with Dementia NI and their members to ensure that the app meets the needs of people living with dementia. Dementia NI member Davie McElhinney was diagnosed with Screen shot of Dementia app dementia four years ago. He has been using the app over the past few weeks and commented on his experience:

I have been uploading lots of photographs on the app and it has been really useful for me. I really enjoy looking at photographs; I find it very calming, and they help me remember places I have been and people I’ve met.

There is one particular photo from when my son and daughter were very young on a beach. When I look at the photograph I can remember that it was a really warm day and that we had a fantastic time. When I look at it, it brings back that memory, I can smell the sea and I can remember the great day we had.

The app is a real benefit to me and I hope it’s going to benefit lots of other people living with dementia.

A video further outlining Davie's experience of using the app is available on YouTube.

Ashleigh Davis, Empowerment Officer of Dementia NI added:

Dementia NI is delighted to have played a vital role in the coproduction of the InspireD app which provides people with dementia and their carers the opportunity to connect, and confidently reminisce through visuals, sounds and video which are individual to them. Dementia NI members are proud to have helped create an online resource that presents a personal connection to an individual’s past, we believe the InspireD app will deliver significant person-centred benefits when assisting those living with dementia to recall past life history and positively engage with their family and carers.

The InspireD app was commissioned by the Health and Social Care Board NI as part of a wider Dementia eHealth and Data Analytics Pathfinder Programme and ongoing activities to increase the uptake of technology in supporting people living with dementia.

Soo Hun, DHCNI Innovation and Digital Eco-System lead said:

There is growing interest in digital solutions such as mobile apps to support not just those people living with dementia but also their carers, families and friends. Working collaboratively with Ulster University, the InspireD App is part of a wider digital transformation programme in health and social care which is being led by Digital Health & Care NI with the support of the Department of Health. The overall aim is to embed clinically assured digital solutions that have been checked for data privacy and security into our clinical pathways.

The app has been rigorously tested and is safe to use on both smartphones and tablets. Since launch in March 2021, there have been over 1300 downloads across iOS and Android and visits to the website are continuously increasing month on month.

To find out more information about the app please visit the InspireD Reminiscence App.

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