Trouble shooting tips for Secure Remote Access (SRA) issues

IT Assist is aware of recent significant performance issues with a number of home broadband providers, particularly in, but not limited to, the Belfast and Greater Belfast areas.

These broadband performance issues are outside of IT Assist’s control. However they can adversely affect the user experience and/or access to the network using Secure Remote Access from home.

If you experience difficulty connecting to the network via Secure Remote Access there are a number of trouble shooting steps you can take to help identify where the problem is before contacting IT Assist:

  • check if other users in your household can access broadband (Wi-Fi); or
  • check if it is available on a personal device;
  • many service providers have status update pages which are useful reference points to identify if there are issues in your local area.  Some of the main providers’ status pages are listed below:
Broadbrand Provider Website
Plus Net
Talk Talk
Virgin Media
  • consult the Secure Remote Access Guide. This will be available shortly offline and will be found by clicking on the Windows button, then scrolling through your Programs for ‘SRA Access Guide’.

After completing these checks if you are continuing to experience difficulty connecting to the Secure Remote Access service you should report the incident to the IT Assist Service Desk.

The IT Assist Service Desk's opening hours are from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.  Staff can call direct on 155 to report faults or from outside the network please dial 0300 1234155.  Alternatively faults can be logged via the IT Assist Self-Service Portal from the icon on your desktop: IT Assist Desktop Icon

You can enter the required details in the on-line forms and save and close to submit your incident with IT Assist.  You can check progress on the status of the incident or service request using the IT Assist Portal Icon and also see the status of IT Assist’s key services.  The following guide may also be useful IT Assist portal user guide

The Service Desk will attempt to resolve your incident at the first point of contact.  However If this is not possible the incident will be referred to the relevant IT Assist Team to action.

Please ensure you provide the IT Assist Service Desk all the relevant information including any troubleshooting steps you have carried out as this will help ensure your incident is resolved as quickly as possible.

If for any reason you need to escalate the incident please use the escalation process.


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